Business Associate Agreements
- The Easy Way

Get Instant Access To Covered Entity and Business Associate HIPAA Agreements.

Business Associate Agreements - The Easy Way

Free Access to All Business Associate and Covered Entity Agreement Recipients

Any Covered Entity or Business Associate that deals with the Protected Health Information of another Covered Entity or Business Associate must have a signed Business Associate.

These mandated Agreements basically state that each party will follow HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security guidelines and each party will also have a HIPAA compliance program of their own.

To assist with this requirement, our HIPAA Complete Compliance Suite includes our automated Business Associate Agreement Center. By simply entering in the contact information and email for the appropriate Covered Entity or Business Associate you can send and sign an agreement electronically. This is all tracked, stored and archived. You will not have to worry about Business Associate compliance again. Whether your business is a Covered Entity or Business Associate, you can use the Business Associate Agreement Center. Not an EPICompliance HIPAA Complete Compliance Suite Customer? No problem: We offer this service module free of charge to those covered entities or business associates that are sent agreements through our HIPAA Complete Compliance Suite.

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