Compliance Assistant

Real-World Help for Compliance

A software to help you with your compliance is a fantastic option, but we often need some help from an actual person to get things started. At EPICompliance we can assign a Compliance Assistant to get you headed in the right direction.

We Are Specialists

Let Us Help

HIPAA compliance is difficult in and of itself. Our Compliance Assistant program helps to get you started and utilize our HIPAA EPICompliance software. Not only will the Assistant help with HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance modules, but also with the Medicare and OSHA compliance sections as well.

From the efficient processing of monthly security reminders to user and data entry tasks the Virtual Compliance Assistant will be your guide.

We Are Certified Specialists

Our Compliance Assistants are all Certified HIPAA Security Officers with level 3 experience using our EPICompliance system. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to manage compliance without assistance.

How Long Do I Need Assistance?

Typically customers use compliance assistance program for three to six months - sometimes longer or permanently depending on complexity and available time for compliance tasks. Our EPICompliance Premium option includes up to 4 hours per month of personal assistance each month.

To see if this program will work for you please give us a call.

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