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Does your company provide products and services that could be of value to EPICompliance customers? We want to hear from you.

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We maintain and manage a Marketplace and Resources center for our EPICompliance customers. All Marketplace Providers are thoroughly evaluated after initial consideration. As well these businesses are periodically reviewed by EPICompliance and are subject to our customers’ feedback and satisfaction.

Our goal with the Marketplace is to provide the best price, service and value to our customers. Typical Marketplace businesses may include biomedical waste services, medical supplies, document services, legal services, insurance, and office supplies. If you or your company potentially provides products and services to our customers, please call 877-560-4261 or contact us.

Synergistic Growth with EPICompliance

Are you a company that provides other kinds of services or products, like software or medical supplies, to the healthcare industry? If so we could partner with you in a synergistic relationship giving you the opportunity to add EPICompliance to your menu of products. Contact us today at 877-560-4261 to learn more.